Remotes 4 Less does not deliver the goods.

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I ordered products, received emailed confirmation of my entered shipping address and the items never arrived.I used the tracking # and was suprised to learn that the items were shipped to a former address out of state that was 1 of 3 adresses on my PayPal account.

This address was never "checked" and the correct address was entered in the Remotes4less website and again the emailed me a confirmation of the order with my correct shipping address. I emailed the company multiple times and after waiting to see if the items were forwarded even offered to pay shipping again if they would send the items to the correct address. The company declined and advised would only reimburse me if the PayPal account found Remotes 4 less to be in the wrong.

However after following the advice of Remotes 4 less and waiting to see if the product was returned and forwarded I missed the 45 day window to file a grievence with Paypal.The contact from Remotes4less was condescending, never idetidied themselves by name and even made threats when I advised of my intention to let my complaints be known.

Review about: Key Fobs.



Pleas make sure you are address the correct Remotes4Less company as there are several. eBay ID remotes4less, remotez4Less, RemotesforLess

Niceville, Florida, United States #888289

I too have made an order from remotes4less and the person i spoke with was rude.I however did receive my key fobs, but only one worked.

When I opened the fob the connection for the battery fell out.Also it was supposed to come with 2 extra batteries that weren't included.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #827659

Not going to order from you


Firstly - We do not sell outside Australia.

Secondly - We have never received any emails from you.

Thirdly - The address you have in you order is the address the item is sent too.

If that address is wrong we cannot be held responsible for its loss in the Postal system.

REMOTES-4-LESS, Brisbane Australia

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